About Me

Hi all,

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Hina and I am from Chicago.  I am attending school full time for my second Bachelor’s degree in Biology, while working full time.  I love learning new things in and out of the classroom.  I am on a quest to become more organized and efficient, but I am a Work in Progress (in a good way).

A few things about me in random order:

  1. I have a love of reading.  I am a bibliophile at heart.  I will read almost any genre or at least try it out, but I love reading romance.  If I start a book, then I must finish regardless of liking it or not.  You can find me at Goodreads here.
  2.  I am an amateur photographer in the making!  I love taking pictures and learning more so I can get better.
  3.  I love shopping. I am obsessed with handbags, backpacks, basically any kinds of bags.
  4. I am a stationary and planner addict.  I have a love of all things pen and notebook and getting them.  And I am not very good about sharing them with others, especially my nice pens.
  5. I love technology and trying it out and learning more. My goal is always to make my life a little easier through modern conveniences.
  6. I love traveling, but with school and work, it is limited.  One of my goals of 2017 is to travel more, at least 2-3 domestic trip and one international.
  7. I am a procrastinator at heart.  It is one of my worst weaknesses.  I am always working on this, but I regress a lot.
  8. I am so random. 🙂

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